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Section 8 housing application.

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    Section 8 Consolidation Program

    Apply Online.Section 8 Landlord Application.
    Become a Section 8 Landlord

    Become a Section 8 landlord.Section 8 landlord application.

      Landlords: Become a Section 8 landlord. List your property and learn how to become a Section 8 landlord.

      Section 8 applicants and Tenants: Find out How to apply for section 8 and apply online and view Section 8 or low income housing listings for all 50 states and surrounding counties with your Online Packet.

        The Section 8 Landlord Application and tenants

        There really is no Section 8 landlord application as such, unless someone is referring the Housing Assistance Payment Contract. This is what the landlord signs as an agreement with the housing authority before they are able to accept the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher.

        You can find more information on Section 8 applications, Section 8 landlords and how to get involved in low income housing with the Section 8 and Subsidized Housing Online Packet.

        Your Online Packet also contains the Section 8 Consolidation Program application, which you can apply for online. This is a non federal program that awards grants to low income families or individuals.

        Applicants can apply for the Section 8 Consolidation program online and or find out where they can apply for Section 8 in their area. They can also use their Online Packet to learn about lesser known government rental assistance programs and how, where and when to apply for section 8 online.

        The Section 8 Consolidation Program combines low income grants with affordable housing opportunities that come in the form of listings in an Online Packet.

        Section 8 housing voucher holders can user their Online Packet to retrieve listings of low income housing in their area, and apply for the Section 8 Consolidation program online.

        A Section 8 landlord can discover the benefits of participating in subsidized or affordable housing programs, and they can also list their properties for free on this site. The dates posted for the privately funded Section 8 Consolidation Grant Program, have nothing to do with Section 8 housing authority waiting list and is not affiliated with any government rental assistance programs, like Section 8 or Public Housing.

        Public Housing - Live in an apartment complex owned by a housing authority and pay only 30% of your monthly adjusted income for rent.

        Section 8 Housing - Find your own apartment and pay only 30% of your monthly adjusted income for rent. Section 8 pays the rest.

        Note: is in no way affiliated with the government or any housing authority.

        We provide an updated list of links to official housing authority websites that have applications online for Public Housing or Section 8. These applications are FREE at your local housing authority if they are accepting applications.

        The one time fee of $15.00 for our Online Packet in no way accelerates your application process with any housing authority.

        On the next page, print the application and mail only to the address listed on the application, or complete online as indicated.

        If you do not have a printer, go to your public library and return to this page in your online packet. Someone there will help you print the application


        Click on the links provided in the Online Packet, view the application for Section 8 and/or Public housing.

        Submit an online application, or print the application and mail it in.

        Fill out the application.


        Wait several months for a response as to your application status (may vary with each Housing Authority).

        If and when your name comes up on the waiting list, you will have to move into that city and state if you don't live there already.

        Most Housing Authorities give special preferences to those already living in their city and state. However, you can still complete these applications but you will be required to move to that city or state when your name comes up on the waiting list. You may also be required to come in for an interview.

        Keep reading and learning more about section 8 and how to find a section 8 application.

        How to become a Section 8 Landlord

        Step #1 – Get Information Review the Section 8 Landlord Information Packet to determine if you want to be a Section 8 Landlord. Please review rent amounts to make sure they are within the amount you will charge. Payment Standards - the amounts listed at the top of the page are the maximum amounts Section 8 can pay providing the landlord pays all utilities. If tenant is paying utilities, the landlord must subtract each corresponding amount from the chart from the maximum amount listed at the top of the page. The amount left after sub traction is complete is the maximum amount that can be charged. All rent amounts are subject to a rent reasonableness determination.

        Step #2 – Advertise The PHA's advertising form is found in the Landlord Information Packet. You may fill it out and fax i t, mail it, or drop it off. Our staff will put the ad in a 3 -ring binder located in our front lobby. Another place we recommend advertising is .

        Step #3 – Find a Tenant Review the applications you receive and find a tenant with a Section 8 voucher you want to rent to. Section 8 strongly suggests you do your own screening as the Section 8 eligibility determination is primarily based on income eligibility.

        Step #4 – RFTA F orm If the Section 8 client is eligible to move, they will have a Request for Tenancy Approval (RFTA) form for you to fill out. Fill out the form completely and send in to the client's caseworker. Once the caseworker receives the completed form, they will complete internal processes and get the form to the Inspections Department. The Inspections Department will call you to schedule your inspection. They usually call you within 3 business days of your form being turned in, and the inspection is usually scheduled 7 -10 days from the date called.

        Step #5 – Inspection Before the inspection, please review the list of Most Common Deficiencies found in the Information Packet. After the inspection if the unit did not pass, you will receive a letter with a list of de ficiencies to correct before a re -inspection. A failed inspection letter will either have a date/time for the re -inspection, or a phone number to call to schedule the re -inspection. If you don’t get a fail letter within 5 days the unit likely passed and yo u can call 651 -298 -5087 to confirm that it passed.

        Step #6 – Paperwork (ie – lease & contract, tenancy addendum, proof of ownership ) The start date of the lease must match the start date of the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) contract. The term of the lease must provide auto -renewal after initial term. It m ust be clear which utilities tenant and landlord will pay. The Section 8 Tenancy Addendum MUST be a part of the lease. The ONLY two forms of Proof of Ownership the PHA will accept are a Ramsey County Property Tax Record or a Copy of the Deed/Contract for Deed, which must be registered with Ramsey County.

        Step #7 – Payment Once Sectio n 8 receives all documentation, your tenant’s caseworker will process the file for payment. Section 8 payments are typically mailed the 1 st of each month – if the 1 st falls on a holiday or weekend, they are mailed the following business day. If the file do es not make the end of the month deadline, Section 8 also does a mid -month check run on the 15 th of the month. Deadlines for the end/mid month check runs vary by month; if you have questions about when your payment will be mailed please contact Section 8.