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    Section 8 Consolidation Program
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    Become a Section 8 landlord.Become a Section 8 landlord.



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    In order to apply for section 8 online and have a good chance for approval, one must meet HUD’s median low income level. This could vary from state to state depending on the housing agency in question. Applications are always free at your local housing authority when they are being accepted. The Online Packet keeps potential applicants apprised of open waiting lists across the country from now on. The Housing List Blog can also be found in the Online Packet. It helps those that are in need of a low rent situation to learn where they can complete a low income housing application and to find landlords that can accommodate them before or after they receive assistance.

    The housing authority may require a background check and an interview before you complete a section 8 application. You will learn how the amount of your rental subsidy is calculated based on the Applicable Payment Standard (APS). The APS is set by HUD and the amounts differ depending on how many bedrooms your family needs. You can choose a unit with a rent that is above or below the payment standard. Your calculation is based on 30% of your monthly adjusted gross income towards rent and utilities. The utility allowance schedule is determined by DHCD and would be used to determine the amount of utility allowance the family is eligible based on the information that is indicated on the “Request for Tenancy Approval” form that the Owner/Agent filled out. Complete the Section 8 Consolidation Program application online at any time. Our grant periods open and close daily and grantees are selected weekly. Applicants can vote for other applicants in the final phase of the application process called the Guestbook. This provides a public record for applicants to see who is being declined and approved for these grants. The Guestbook also allows applicants to converse with each other. Although applicants with a valid application and numerous votes are well poised to receive a grant, it is the sole discretion of as to who is actually granted. This program awards grants, not a section 8 application or voucher.

    Grants will usually be awarded to the applicant with the most votes for that particular day. The applicant with the most votes must also have an application that is consistent with the information they have posted in the Guestbook. The Online Packet also lists various grant opportunities for low income families with updated links to applications that may expire at any time. If the applicant with the most votes has submitted an application deemed to be false, the applicant with the second most votes will receive the grant and so on. Results will be posted every Monday in the Guestbook If declined, wait at least 30 days to reapply. If granted, wait about four business days for your check to be mailed to you. Check the Guestbook 7 days after you have made your post and voted. The Guestbook is used to keep a public record of who has been granted. A grant is a sum of money that you do not have to pay back. The Section 8 Consolidation Program only awards cash grants to people in need, not rental assistance vouchers. That Program is called the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program and is administered only by housing authorities which are in no way affiliated with Section 8 or a low income housing application is simply a descriptive terms to describe housing that is intended for those less fortunate and in need. Family Unification vouchers are issued when there is a lack of decent and safe housing for a family due to a separation, or threat of imminent separation. Family Unification vouchers make it possible for these families to obtain affordable and sanitary housing. Your online packet also contains the Section 8 Consolidation Program application, which you can apply for online and also find out where you can apply for Section 8 online. This is a non federal program that awards grants to low income families or individuals. You can find more information on the Family Unification program, Section 8 housing and how to get involved in or find a Section 8 housing application with the Section 8 and Subsidized Housing Online Packet.

    How to apply for Section 8 online

    Each housing authority today has a website. In most cases, when they have an open waiting list, they allow applicants can complete a Section 8 application online via their website.

    Under the voucher program, new voucher-holders may choose a unit anywhere in the United States if the family lived in the jurisdiction of the PHA issuing the voucher when the family applied for assistance. Those new voucher-holders not living in the jurisdiction of the PHA at the time the family applied for Section 8 housing application assistance must initially lease a unit within that jurisdiction for the first twelve months of assistance. A family that wishes to move to another PHA's jurisdiction must consult with the PHA that currently administers its housing assistance to verify the procedures for moving. Roles - the tenant, the landlord, the housing agency and HUD Once a PHA approves an eligible family's housing unit, the family and the landlord sign a lease and, at the same time, the landlord and the PHA sign a housing assistance payments contract that runs for the same term as the lease. This means that everyone -- tenant, landlord and PHA -- has obligations and responsibilities under the voucher program. Tenant's Obligations: When a family selects a housing unit, and the PHA approves the unit and lease, the family signs a lease with the landlord for at least one year. The tenant may be required to pay a security deposit to the landlord. After the first year the landlord may initiate a new lease or allow the family to remain in the unit on a month-to-month lease. When the family is settled in a new home, the family is expected to comply with the lease and the program requirements, pay its share of rent on time, maintain the unit in good condition and notify the PHA of any changes in income or family composition. Landlord's Obligations: The role of the person who has become a Section 8 landlord in the voucher program is to provide decent, safe, and sanitary housing to a tenant at a reasonable rent. The dwelling unit must pass the program's housing quality standards and be maintained up to those standards as long as the owner receives housing assistance payments. In addition, the landlord is expected to provide the services agreed to as part of the lease signed with the tenant and the contract signed with the PHA. Housing Authority's Obligations: The PHA administers the voucher program locally. The PHA provides a family with the housing assistance that enables the family to seek out suitable housing and the PHA enters into a contract with the landlord to provide housing assistance payments on behalf of the family. If the landlord fails to meet the owner's obligations under the lease, the PHA has the right to terminate assistance payments. The PHA must reexamine the family's income and composition at least annually and must inspect each unit at least annually to ensure that it meets minimum housing quality standards.



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